3 Biohacks for Coaches to Increase Energy

In growing your Expert Business, have you found yourself putting your health on the back burner?

You’re so focused on getting clients, serving them, and making more of an impact that you completely forget about looking after yourself.

You find yourself with brain fog, tired in the mornings and just not bringing the level of focus you know you can bring to your business.

This can be a huge problem as an Expert Business owner.

Because the energy you bring determines your business’s success.

This week I interview a Health Consultant, Tanessa Shears, on the Expert Edge Podcast who shares some amazing tips and biohacks specifically designed for entrepreneurs just like you.

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Here are 3 hacks (of many) we talked about on the podcast that you can implement right away:

1.Create solitary time before bed

As an entrepreneur you’re exposed to a lot of other people’s opinions, thoughts and energy.

The problem with that is it raises your adrenaline and stress.

If you want to get a great night’s sleep you must de-accelerate your stress a few hours prior to going to bed.

I loved the idea of removing any external opinions and energy coming your way. That could be social media, TV, video games or any external stimulus entering your space.

2.Following your sleep cycles and circadian rhythms

Just because you get seven or eight hours of sleep doesn’t mean it’s good quality sleep.

Following a regular circadian rhythm by going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every day is really important to getting the right quality sleep.

In fact, we talked about how some people are designed to stay up at night and others are  designed to go to bed early.  Working out what type of person you are is important for creating greater rest and brain optimization.

We talked a lot about how to get a better nights sleep

3.Rest stacking

Feeling rested is not just about the rest you get while you sleep at night, but also the rest you get in the day.

Rest Stacking is about taking  short breaks throughout your day. This could be a 5 to 20 minute break that allows your brain and mind to refresh.

Stacking this type of rest throughout the day will improve the quality of your energy.

We talked about so many other great ideas to improve your energy, reduce brain fog and truly bring your best self to your business.

Well worth the listen:

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Colin “Bring More Energy” Boyd



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