3 Big Benefits of Not Charging Money

3 Big Benefits of Not Charging Money

What if I told you that one of the most beneficial things you can do when starting your coaching business is to…

NOT charge money!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Not charging money early on is what set me up for so much success down the road.

Looking back at the beginning of my coaching journey…

I realized that one of the biggest advantages I had when I got started…

Was the fact that my coaching school said it was mandatory to do 100 hours of one-on-one coaching before I ever asked for a fee!

I literally had to do 100 x 1 hour coaching sessions before I made a dime.

Now I’m not suggesting you go out and clock 100 hours…

But I will say, the more exposure you get working directly with your audience, the better you’ll understand how to help them.

This is a lesson that my guest on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge – Pat Flynn, emphasizes as well. 

With that said, here are 3 big benefits you’ll get when you don’t charge:

1. You’ll know how to help your audience

You want to do as little guesswork as possible.

Getting in the trenches and actually having conversations with your audience is the surest way to create a product or program that they are going to eat up.

2. Accelerated speed to success

Naturally when you charge for something, you’re going to have less buyers than if you give something away for free.

The volume will be higher in regards to the number of people you can serve, and because the numbers are higher you’ll speed up discovering the best way to serve your audience.

I also found that 30%+ of those free clients became paying clients after a few sessions.

3. Amazing testimonials

While you aren’t asking for a fee in this scenario, you should ask for a testimonial.

And these testimonials will prove to be invaluable when you do start charging for your services.

You may be beyond this point in your business…

And if so, that’s fantastic!

But if you’re struggling to figure out how to best serve your audience…OR you’re looking to serve a new type of audience.

This is a route I recommend you consider!

Pat Flynn and I dive much deeper into this topic as well as a slew of others as well!

Make sure you check it out!

>>> ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 173 | The Journey To Passive Income w/Pat Flynn

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Colin Boyd

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