How to Work with Your Strengths

Have you ever found yourself working in a part of your business that you’re really bad at?

Have you found yourself in a moment when you’ve thought, “I really should not be doing this.”

Let’s have a chat about how you can work with your strengths and why I should never have been a pizza delivery driver.

It was about the age of 18 when I decided to sign up to be a pizza delivery driver. And if you know me personally, what you’ll probably find out is that spatial awareness and just knowing how to get to a geographical place is definitely not one of my strengths.

And so I thought, “Why don’t I become a pizza delivery driver? Maybe then I’ll get better at knowing where I’m going.”

So I decided to sign up to be one.

Get this: most of the pizza delivery drivers were delivering probably 5 to 7 pizza boxes an hour minimum. Sometimes 10 boxes an hour for the good ones. I was struggling to deliver 1 to 2 boxes!

This is pre-Google maps, by the way.

Just recently I saw Domino’s released an app where you can track your driver and what the route they are taking to your house. I can only imagine if they had that app when I was a driver. Customers would probably be so confused following my movements. I sure they would be scratching their heads thinking, “Why is he driving east, when we are west?” I’m just so bad at geography direction.

But understand this…I can stand in front of 5 to10 thousand people and speak for half an hour and get the great feedback from a keynote presentation, but I struggle to know how to drive the right direction on the road. It’s crazy, right?

It’s because all of us have innate strengths and talents. (Mine is not geographical direction 🙂

My dad is almost the opposite of me when it comes to direction. As a youth, I would call him up and say “Dad, I need some help on where to go.” And he would say, “What’s the local street?” “Where is the local Caltex” And I would tell him my landmarks and he would say, “Ah you’re right at this point, you need to turn left, turn right, turn left, turn right, turn right, and then you’re there.” He is a human Google Maps.

I’m completely the opposite.

But what I’ve learned is that my strength is in communication — it’s in engaging people, it’s in understanding how to motivate others.

When you find your strengths, which for me is definitely not pizza delivery driving, and you step into that strength space, the value you bring, the contribution that you can make and the impact that you can have on people’s lives dramatically increases 10x.

So I really want to encourage you. Spend some time to think about this question:

When has there been a time when you really excelled at something and enjoyed it? 

I think if you excel at some thing naturally and you enjoy doing it, then that is a nice place to start when discovering your strengths.

Please comment below..

What are your strengths?


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