This Platform Is King in Marketing

To podcast… Or not to podcast… That is the question. On one hand you have a platform that gives you massive business potential. From instant authority to deep connection with your audience. And on the other hand you have a platform that requires a decent amount of effort, planning and time. Most coaches tend to […]

Are Webinars Dead?

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but… “Webinars are dead!” Psyche! I’M JUST KIDDDDDING! I’m sure you’ve heard some marketers or gurus pushing this narrative. Most of the time, while they are pushing you towards their webinar to sell you their course. Ha. I usually have a good chuckle when I see this. […]

4 Tips I Wish My 1.0 Version Had

“Passion.” You know it when you see it. It’s palpable and almost impossible to fake. In my experience it comes from knowing what you have to offer is going to have a massive impact on those that apply it. And that knowing comes from the fact that you’re teaching from experience. It has worked for […]

[Coach Case Study] From 300 to 600K in 3 months

[Coach Case study] From 300 to 600K in 3 months

Most start out in the coaching industry… …all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Full of excitement & hope that the life of their dreams is just around the corner. Only to be slapped upside the head with a sobering dose of reality that there’s going to be a few challenges along the way. I’ve definitely had my fair […]

How to Become a Keynote Speaker

I was on the phone to a potential client for my first paid speaking engagement. I had never spoken for a ‘fee’ before and he asked me how much I was. With a knot in my stomach and hesitation in my voice I said….”$4,000″. Then I was silent. To my surprise he came back with […]

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes On Your Next Webinar

Imagine… You spent all this time and money promoting your webinar. You’ve got hundreds registered… You’ve spent hours rehearsing. You feel ready. You’re about to change their lives. Annnndddd… Only ONE person signs up for your course!!! Well this is the reality of what happened to me when I launched my first webinar. And can […]

How To Get Leads Who Actually Want To Buy

Most lead magnets give you poor-quality leads. I’m sure you’ve heard of a lead magnet before, it’s usually something of value (like a short PDF) that you give away for free in exchange for someone’s email address. The problem with this is because it’s free the person usually forgets about it quickly, never opens it […]

Zero To 6 Figures In Your Coaching Biz

It’s often said that your first 100k is the hardest… I myself can vouch for this. It took me around 2 years to reach this momentous stage. But once I did, there was no turning back… The next 6 figures took me just a few months. And there’s a reason for this… Because once you […]

3 Insights To Sell High Ticket Programs

About 8 years ago I made a really uncomfortable decision. But, this decision was the thing that catapulted me from 6 to 7+ figures. At the time my business was doing well, but I knew I was capable of more… I knew I was ready for something at a higher level. Long story short… An […]

5 Secret Attributes All High Earners Possess

Almost 9 years into my coaching journey I remember thinking… “Maybe, I’ll never make it.” “Maybe, I’ll never hit that magic 7-figure per year mark in my coaching business.” You’ve probably seen a lot of people talk about it on social media… (especially the bro marketers!) But for me, it was more than a number. […]