How A Mom From Buffalo Makes 20k/month

Meet Lindsay. She is a mom from Buffalo… (her words). Who’s been able to build a $20,000+ online course business while only working a couple of hours per week! When she came to me, she had a desire to grow her business, but there were a lot of restrictions and challenges… She’s a mom with […]

Here’s Why Your Course Isn’t Selling

Many coaches think that once they build their online course, they’ll start making money. The truth is, you can put so much time and effort into a course…. Then offer it to the world…. ….and get crickets! It’s like your audience gives you the cold shoulder! I know, I’ve been there! (I remember having over […]

How To Overcome The Fear Of Speaking

Just the thought of public speaking makes most people… Weak in the knees! In fact, most people are more scared of public speaking than… Death! I can certainly relate… One of the very first times I took the stage, I was shaking so much that… I had to hold the microphone with both hands to […]

How To Stop Selling Time for Money As a Coach

Stop me if you’ve heard this before… “Stop selling your time for money” I trust you said “stop” 😉 Because if you’ve been in the coaching space for any amount of time… You’ve certainly heard this or maybe you’re the one preaching it. Whatever the case may be, I wholeheartedly agree.. .. with a caveat. […]

All experts say this is crucial

Ask any successful coach or entrepreneur about… The importance of Personal Branding.. And you’ll have a unanimous decision that it’s absolutely crucial. But what won’t be unanimous… Is how to go about building your personal brand. For my money… You can’t go wrong with a strong combination of… Connection, Value & Consistency. These have always […]

Guarantee You Reach Any Goal You Set

Have you ever taken inventory of your thoughts? I bet if you did, you’d notice that… We often tend to focus on what could go wrong in any given situation. Take a product launch for example. Stop me if you’ve ever thought… “What if nobody buys?” “What if my audience hates it?” “What if nobody […]

This is the #1 truth behind real change

Here is the knife-cutting truth. Next year won’t be any different…. …unless you are different. The changing of the date will make no difference to your life, in fact, most of the population will simply repeat what they did in 2023. And the reason for that is not necessarily their desire for things to change. […]

You need This First to Reach Your Goals

“Thoughts become things.” I’m sure you’ve heard a variation of this quote numerous times. But in my experience it is the clarity of the vision you create that determines how fast it becomes a reality. Or if it becomes a reality at all. The key is to first create a clear vision of what you […]

Why Smaller Goals Might Equal More Success

What if I told you, the secret to success might be… To set smaller goals. Wait! Wait! Here me out! I’m sure you just looked at this a bit side-eyed… As did I when I heard Robin Long, Wellness & Pilates Expert share it on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge Podcast. But the […]

How to Make Next Year More Profitable

If you caught last week’s newsletter… You know that the purpose of it was to reflect on 2023. This week, I want to focus on how to make next year more profitable and purposeful. If you don’t make specific changes, next year will be the same as the last! I’ve learned a few distinctions this […]