My 3 Favorite Productivity Hacks

I don’t know about you…but I’m naturally unorganized and highly creative. However, I knew that as a coach and entrepreneur, managing my time and being productive was one of the cornerstones of success. So early on in my entrepreneurial journey I went out and studied all the books and people I could find teaching productivity. […]

Launch of Productivity Academy FREE Training Tool

This is the official launch of the Productivity Academy. Do you ever find yourself with ‘shiny thing syndrome’? In other words you start the day and even with your best efforts you find yourself working on a whole bunch of distractions? So many of my clients, even though they were generally high performing people, when […]

Post Positive Reflection: The Secret to Finishing a Day Well

Do you ever find yourself being a little bit grumpy at home after a big day of work? After dealing with all of the challenges of a days work many of us have very little energy left. It is so easy to just leave work and arrive home physically but be absent mentally and emotionally. […]

Emotional Insight: The 3 Crucial Decisions in Every Emotion

The area of emotional intelligence can be a really mystical area for people. I know, for many of us, we’re taught, obviously, how to read when we’re young. But very few of us were taught how to read our emotions. What they actually mean and how to acknowledge our emotions. You’re about to discover the […]