How to Take Advantage of AI as a Coach

Colin Boyd - How to Take Advantage of AI as a Coach

I want to talk about something a little different today… Something that, depending on who you ask… …will immediately provoke fear or excitement- and sometimes a combination of both! And that’s the emergence of AI. Now, there are absolutely no shortages of opinions on it… With the overall sentiment in the marketplace being that more […]

My 3 Favorite Productivity Hacks

I don’t know about you…but I’m naturally unorganized and highly creative. However, I knew that as a coach and entrepreneur, managing my time and being productive was one of the cornerstones of success. So early on in my entrepreneurial journey I went out and studied all the books and people I could find teaching productivity. […]

How Beliefs Are Created – The 5 Stages

“I’m an idiot” “I’m not a good speaker” “I’m not a leader” These are just a few of the beliefs I used to have about myself!  That is until I realized that I had unconsciously created these beliefs as I grew up & that none of it was true (even though it felt like it […]

You’re More Powerful Than You Think

One of my clients the other day told me about a time he was speaking with a stranger at a coffee shop.  After a short conversation, the stranger mentioned that he was a close friend of a significant business owner in the area. He mentioned it in passing, but my client’s ears pricked up and […]