What experience level is required to be successful in Sell From Stage Academy®?

We have designed the program so that someone who is in the beginning phase of their business, creating their first online course or program for example, can use all the strategies quite easily.  However, the program is also very well equipped to handle someone at a medium to advanced level as it provides deep and […]

Can I join Sell From Stage Academy®?

Enrollment for Sell From Stage Academy® is open at specific times throughout the year. To be the first informed when enrollment opens up next, join the VIP waitlist. Click here to join the Sell From Stage Academy® VIP waitlist.

How much time does the Sell From Stage Academy® require?

Sell From Stage Academy® is a self-paced program that takes you step-by-step through the processes of designing and delivering a presentation/webinar that converts. We have students who join and implement the ideas within 5 days to run a high-converting webinar that same week! And we have others who take their time and gradually implement. The […]

How can I learn more about Sell From Stage Academy®?

The best way is to join the Sell From Stage Academy® VIP Waitlist, that way we will update you when it opens next. You’ll also receive information about all the special bonuses we offer. Join the VIP waitlist here

Does Colin offer one-on-one coaching, consulting or mentoring?

Yes! Colin offers extremely limited spaces for one-to-one mentoring for coaches, experts and entrepreneurs who want to create a custom presentation or review an existing one to sell their products and services. Click here to apply to be coached by Colin. After the application is complete, our team will review it and get in contact […]

How can I ask Colin my question or get his advice?

Colin only answers questions inside his Sell From Stage Academy® and Sell From Stage ELITE™ programs. Click here to join the program waitlist so you are the first to be informed when enrollment opens.