What is your refund policy for Sell From Stage ELITE?

We do not offer refunds for ELITE. However, we have a 60 Day ‘Love it or Leave it’ policy which gives you this period to decide if ELITE is right for you and if you wish to continue for the entire 12 months.

What experience level is required to be successful in Sell From Stage ELITE?

ELITE is great for students who are generally familiar with online business and the coaching and speaking industry. You have probably completed a few courses and sold some of your products already. ELITE is about providing you the roadmap and support to scale up your business to $100,000+ and then creating a presentation that generates […]

What is included in Sell From Stage ELITE?

Sell From Stage ELITE™ is our group coaching implementation program that is designed to help you add $100,000+ to your revenue using the Sell From Stage Formulas. The program consists of live coaching will Colin, Facebook Ads coaching, Copywriting coaching, Virtual Implementation Events, VIP community, Peer Mastermind Sessions, and other classes to help you grow […]