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Take your business to the next level with Colin’s 1:1 mentoring for experts, coaches and course creators. His proven, step-by-step formulas can help you build powerful presentations and launch products/services with 100% confidence.


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Here are just some of Colin’s private clients

"Using Colin's system I generated more than $450,000 dollars at one event"

"Using Colin's step-by-step system I generated more than $450,000 dollars from selling onstage at one event, but more than anything, it just felt good. It felt really good and authentic, and it felt like me!"

“We nearly doubled the size of our previous launch at almost 300k revenue”

The Live Launch Maps were a game changer for me. I’ve never done a launch where I felt more confident going into it, but less stressful of a launch… We almost doubled the size of our previous launch, we did almost 300 thousand in revenue.

I just wanna give a shoutout to Colin… if you're looking to do better in the area of selling from stages, whether it's in person or online, you wanna learn how to make your launches less stressful and see better conversions. I don't think there's a better person out there that you can go to for help.”

“The Webinar ended up performing incredibly well”

I had been struggling with essentially how to create the perfect webinar, how to get it to convert better.

[Colin and I] worked together, we went through his whole process step by step and the webinar ended up performing incredibly well… Because of the structure he'd helped me put in place, I knew what I was saying, when I was saying it, why I was saying it. I also had a new how to engage with the audience in a better way, how to get them more involved in the actual webinar.

"We hit the stage confidently and welcomed 17 absolute dream members"

After hopping on a call with Colin and working out our messaging and the structure for our pitch, we hit the stage confidently and welcomed 17 absolute dream members into Shift to 6...

Now, could we have winged it and done it on our own and probably stressed our way through it? Probably, but I don't know how effective it would have been. And I sure as heck know we wouldn't have felt confident or structured in the way we did moving forward with this event.

I can't speak highly enough about Colin and all the work he does to help entrepreneurs shine on stage

“My 3% webinar conversion rate went up to 9% and had a launch that made 250k more than it made previously”

Through working with [Colin] through his strategies... I was able to take my webinar conversion from a 3% conversion rate up to a 9% conversion rate. We also had a launch that made over $250,000 more than it had made the previous year.

…that's all due to Colin and his amazing work. So if you're looking for some of the success that I have seen with my conversion rates and my revenue going up and want to really learn how to connect to your audience more in any kind of selling that you're doing on any type of stage, Colin is your guy.

“Working with Colin, our company made a quarter million dollars in our first launch”

I thought I knew how to sell and I remember I launched my very first course… and when it went time to sell the course, I completely bombed. We didn't sell a lot and I was like, man, I gave it my all… but I didn't land the plane correctly. I didn't really convince people of why they needed to trust me with their income.

Then I met a good friend by the name of Colin and he came on and he taught me how to not change who I am, but how to add in things that convinces people… Working with him, our company has made over a quarter million dollars in our first launch because of the tactics and the skills that he's taught us.

"With Colins coaching I was able to design a brand new webinar and make $110,000 in under 7 days. Colins coaching is for those people who are at a level where they have the resources to no longer suffer through getting things wrong and doing things slowly" -