Colin Boyd, Director

Who I am:

I’m a husband, dad and passionate about enabling people to become the best version of themselves.

I help professionals speak confidently in public so they can stand out in the workplace, inspire action in their teams and become more influential.

I help professionals double their productivity so they can make more of an impact, get promoted and feel ahead of their workload.

I help professionals understand how their emotions work so that they can become driven and empowered to do their best work.

Colin Boyd

My clients:

Hewlett Packard, Suncorp Insurance, Flight Centre, Gloria Jeans, Aurora Energy, LS Travel Retail, The Perfect Wave, Anytime Fitness, Auburn Council, Bankstown Council, Baulkham Hills Council, The Coaching Institute, Cabrini Private Hospitals and Allianz.

Colin and Sarah Boyd

My story: I graduated with a BComm from University (Distinction average – yes I’m proud of that) and in my first corporate job discovered that working in a role that is not aligned to your strengths, personality and passions ‘kinda sucks’. So after hitting a brick wall early I stepped out into the learning development field. It was there I discovered my passion for human behaviour, high performance and creating practical tools for people that enable them to be better at their job (the type of tools I wish I had received).  In my career I quickly accelerated and started working with executives and managers to be massively effective at their jobs.  I was loving this work progressing in my career until… I was made redundant. It was the redundancy that gifted me with an opportunity to start my expert practice.  I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities, speaking to audiences of over 5000 people at a time. Being flown internationally to deliver inspiring content for some of the most innovative companies on the planet!  I don’t take this for granted.

“Colin created two global presentations around productivity and public speaking, it was delivered to 6,500 participants in over 45 countries.  The feedback was absolutely fantastic and the workshops really hit the mark. It was an innovative approach to training that we had not done before. Chris Pendray – Finance Director, Hewlett Packard

What makes me different is I’m obsessed with providing the perfect blend of psychology and practicality in all of my programs and products. So that participants have amazing lightbulb moments and also leave with tools, templates and action plans to implement their learning in their work.Colin Boyd and Jonah Boyd

“Colin’s passion to create meaningful learning experiences for employees differentiates the delivery of his services” Mary-Anne Gallagher (Organisational Organisation Development Manager, Cabrini Health Hospital

I’ve had the privilege of regularly speaking at Australia’s top learning and development conferences to help them understand the best practice around improving the performance of their organisations.

“Colin delivers on what he says he’ll deliver and consistently sees tangible results with people”   Linda Hosking, Asia Pacific Learning and Development Manager, LS Travel Retail

When you work with me you’ll feel like you’re flying first class.



My Services:

I speak at annual conferences – See my Speaking page

I run half to multi-day programs with your teams on various topics – See my Workshops page

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Our Company Values

Company Values - Colin Boyd


Colin Boyd is an authority on increasing leadership performance. He does that by installing the latest neuroscience, productivity and communication strategies. He has a warm, insightful style that will make you feel apart of the conversation, but will challenge you to think bigger in the process. That’s why companies like Hewlett Packard, Suncorp, Fuji Xerox, Allianz, LS Travel Retail engage him to train their leaders.  He lives in California with his wife, son and daughter.