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The Secret to Doubling Your Webinar Conversion Rates

Have you ever felt like you gave WAY TOO MUCH information on your webinar and it completely overwhelmed your audience?

You’ll know you’re doing this because you’re getting nice compliments and comments but not many clients.

That’s exactly what was happening to Megan Sumrell… over… and over… and over again!

Like you, Megan had this massive desire to serve, but she was actually doing her audience a disservice because she just overwhelmed everyone with too much content. 

It wasn’t until she started using 3 specific Infusion Selling™ Strategies that she realized the mistake she was making.

On The Expert Edge Podcast this week I’m revealing the 3 simple strategies that Megan Sumrell used to double her conversions.

—>>> Listen to “The Secret to Doubling Your Conversion Rates w/ Megan Sumrell” on the Expert Edge Podcast

In this week’s episode, you’ll dive deep into Megan’s journey from crickets to clients. 

In fact, in just a few little tweaks she literally DOUBLED her conversion rates.

… and the craziest thing was that she also doubled her price! So she not only doubled her conversion, but she also doubled her price! 

You read that right, doubled!

If you’ve taken your business online or ran a webinar this year, and you want to find the secret sauce to bringing the right clients into your programs, then this episode is going to be a game-changer.

—>>> Tune in to the episode “The Secret to Doubling Your Conversion Rates w/ Megan Sumrell” here

Colin “Double your Conversions” Boyd

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