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The ONE word that can completely change your business this year

2020 was an interesting year to say the least, right?

I hope that despite all the challenge it has enabled you to grow, I sure have felt stretched, to say the least 🤣

Which is why, right off the bat, I wanted to start 2021 off by giving you my biggest tool for planning my year: choosing a theme word. 

It sets the tone and the intention for everything you do. 

And honestly? That speeds up your growth tenfold. 

If you don’t want to get stuck in a rut in your business, then the practical steps I share in the link below are going to be extremely helpful for kicking your year off right! 

And the best bit… I’ve brought my incredible wife Sarah back and we’re diving deep into the magic together. 

Implementing the power of a theme has genuinely changed our lives! 

—>>> Tune in to the episode “How to Create a Theme for Your Year w/ Sarah & Colin Boyd” here 

If you’re feeling a little bit unclear about where your focus should be in 2021 then I know this episode will be life-changing for you too. 

When you get clear on what your word is for the year it frames all of your decision-making that comes after.  

Consider it a filter through which you make all your decisions. 

Last year our word for 2020 was TRIBE.

I was so grateful we set our focus early on, because even when the year looked totally different than we expected we still knew where we were going. 

We leaned hard into building our online community (which you are a part of). 

We started our Expert Edge Podcast.

We hired two new employees. 

I can hand on heart say that at the end of the year I knew I’d kept on track… 

… even when it looked different than what I imagined. 

I want you to have that sense of assuredness in 2021 too!! 

—>>> Tune in to the episode “How to Create a Theme for Your Year w/ Sarah & Colin Boyd” here 

Colin “Better Together” Boyd

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