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The 3 UNCONVENTIONAL ways to sell more online courses

Is your course gathering “digital dust”? 

When I created my first course I launched it to 600 people.

SIX HUNDRED people saw my product and only ONE of them bought…

In my head, I had been doing “marketing math” and telling myself I was gonna make millions of dollars 🤣 

The reality was I lost money. (Ouch!)

And I was really disheartened! 

But after making some tweaks I eventually did a $5,000 webinar….

And then a $50,000 webinar… 

And then a $100,000 webinar… 

Maybe like I did, you have a course that’s gathering digital dust right now. 

I know you want to make a difference, but selling can be hard. 

You created your product not just because you wanted to make money, but because you have a message in your heart. Right?

Which is why in this week’s episode of the Expert Edge I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing with you my 3 ninja tips that are going to make a MASSIVE difference in how many courses you sell next year. 

—>>> Tune in to the episode “The 3 Overlooked, Underutilized, Unconventional Ways to Sell More Online Courses in 2021” here

What I share with you in this episode is UNCONVENTIONAL.

This isn’t “create a Facebook ad”.

You’ve heard that before. 

Can we go a bit deeper?

Because the highest performing people in this industry understand something about marketing that most people don’t…

Which is what I’ll be revealing on this week’s Expert Edge Podcast.

—>>> Tune in to the episode “The 3 Overlooked, Underutilized, Unconventional Ways to Sell More Online Courses in 2021” here

Colin “Unconventional” Boyd

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