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The programs below are run within a corporate or organisation. These programs are customised to the clients needs & goals. If you are interested in finding out more, click the link below.

Present with Confidence

The Mindset and Skill Set to Confidently Speak in Public

These days, just ‘knowing your stuff’ isn’t enough to make your next big presentation a major success. You need to know how to deliver your presentation in a way that connects with your audience so you can drive your message home.

Present with Confidence  is a workshop where you will discover the secret presenter’s mindset and skill set that allow top speakers to engage, influence and impress audiences at will.

In this workshop you will discover:

  • The ‘Instant State Change’ technique (go from fear to confidence in 3 seconds)
  • The ‘Format Model’ to triple the impact of your next message
  • The ‘Expanded Awareness’ technique — not using it will completely disconnect you from your audience
  • Your ‘Persuasive Voice’ (and why you must use this at home)
  • Fail-proof visual aids (and why you must use simplicity)
  • The 4 learning modalities and how to use them to win over your audience
  • The 5 ‘Body Archetypes’ — just one of them will give you instant credibility with your audience

Length: 1 Day + 1/2 Day Follow-Up




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More Than a Manager

Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders

In this competitive environment, it’s not good enough to just ‘manage’ your team.

Managers need to be coaching and leading their teams. This workshop will provide key principles for coaching staff towards organisational goals, outcomes and peak performance. It will provide a professional toolkit for managers to get to the heart of a problem and craft empowering solutions quickly with their staff.  Knowing these strategies will result in working relationships that are more effective, purposeful and results-driven.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • Crucial coaching skills to lead your team towards rapid results
  • The ‘Coaching Mindset’ — the major difference between coaching and managing your staff
  • The 3 key questions to keeping staff on track, especially when a setback occurs
  • The secrets to effective feedback (practical models for creating transformation)
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes managers make when coaching their staff
  • The GROW model (the clearest structure for coaching staff toward transformation)
  • Many practical tools and techniques for creating behavioral change in staff, quickly

Length: 1-Day and 2-Day Programs

Leadership Resilience

Supporting Leaders to Navigate Change Effectively

Managing change as a leader can be one of the most challenging tasks there is. Most leaders don’t understand the impact that organizational and structural changes have on their team and themselves. This program will identify and build the key skill set and mindset a leader must have to make a change successful. At the end of this program, leaders will leave with a new sense of confidence about understanding themselves and their team members through successful transition.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • How to assess the impact that change has had on you as a leader, and the small changes you can make which have the biggest impact towards improving resilience
  • The 6 most important human drivers and how to manage these during a time of change
  • The ‘Resilience Mindset’: How to manage your thinking for successful change and transition
  • How to lead yourself and your emotions when your external environment is uncertain
  • Why most leaders fail to communicate the right message to staff during change, and how to address this mistake
  • The role of a leader in communicating to their team and how to frame messages in a way that encourages positivity and embraces new ideas
  • Practical tools for coaching staff through changing transition

Length: 2 Days



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