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[Podcast] The Real Journey to a 5-figure Webinar

I had a call with my good friend Emma Lewzey recently and this is what we talked about:

Have you ever felt that way?? 

As an entrepreneur you know, that comparison and the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed can be one of the hardest things to overcome.

Which is why I wanted to bring Emma Lewzey on the show this week to talk about her journey to her first 5-figure webinar. 

She’s quite new to using webinars and I wanted to share with you her journey recently.

Her first webinar made just a few thousand, then her 3rd webinar made $11,301. 

So, just after 3 webinars, she was making over 5-figures! Cool right?

I think sometimes you hear all these stories of people making six-figures on their first webinar, but that’s not the norm.

Emma’s story is inspiring because it’s possible for everyone!

—>>>Tune in to the episode “How To Do Your First 5-Figure Launch” here

Using the Sell From Stage methodology Emma was able to reach her goals of a 5-Figure launch by her third launch!

But the journey was not a perfect line forward… 

In fact, she says it often felt like 1 step forward, 2 steps back! 

And a lot of learning along the way. 

If you’ve just started with webinars… 

or you’ve never run one before…

Or if you’ve felt silly because the audio cut out in the middle of your offer 🤣🤣

Then you’re going to be incredibly encouraged by Emma’s story! 

—>>> Tune in to the episode “How To Do Your First 5-Figure Launch” here

Colin “Reframe Success” Boyd

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