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The One-to-One Presentations that Sell Consultation Experience

Imagine having the eyes and mind of someone who has delivered thousands of profitable presentations and sold millions from virtual and live stages on YOUR presentation.

That’s exactly what you get when you book the one-to-one consultation experience.

Why would you book a one-to-one consultation experience with Colin?

It might be…

    • You have been using your own sales webinar or presentation for a while and are ready to upgrade it into a true cash generating machine
    • You feel stuck with your webinar or sales presentation and can’t figure out why you’re not getting many sales
    • You are already running a successful business, but want a master sales presenters eyes and mind on your content

Essentially…this is the true fastrack.

Colin can add more value to your sales presentation or webinar in 2 hours than personally refining it for 12 months could ever do.

In fact, you may never unlock the true potential of your presentation if you don’t get an experienced and objective eye on it. 

These sessions are built on the premise that “You are one irresistible presentation away from the breakthrough you’re wanting in your business”.

When you dial that one presentation in, everything changes.

It’s the reason the biggest names in the world hire Colin to review and advise them on their virtual and live presentations when they are selling from the stage.

What people say about Colin’s advice…

Amy Porterfield – Digital Course Academy said…

“Using Colin’s step-by-step system, I generated more than $450,000 dollars from selling onstage at one event, but more so than anything, it felt good. It felt really good and authentic, and it felt like me.”

Julie Solomon – The Influencer Academy said…

“My webinar conversion went from a 3% up to a 9% conversion rate using Colin’s strategies. When I say that Colin knows his stuff, I am not lying!”

Rick Mulready – The Art of Online Business said…

“My webinar conversions increased dramatically after using Colin’s Strategies!”

How the One-to-One ‘Presentations That Sell’ Consultation works:

  1. Submit short application here (Once application is reviewed and accepted you’ll be required to make a deposit to continue)
  1. Complete preparation for session so that Colin can start advising faster in the consultation process
  1. Complete initial 2 hour Presentation REview + Building Session
  1. Deliver your presentation (this is your timeline)
  1. (Post presentation) Complete One-to-One 60 minute review session focused on making any tweaks based on live delivery.


$9,000 USD or 3 x monthly payments of $3,200


Does Colin build the presentation for you?

No, he will typically advise you on the content, frameworks and anything else he feels the presentation needs to ensure it sees best sales results. You may access a pre-built Sell From Stage Slidedeck and Speech Formula which will help you build your slides faster.

It’s a lot of money to invest, how can I know this is right for me?

It’s only a lot of money if you have no intention of using it to sell your programs. In fact, based on the results of many of the clients, they have seen a return on total investment in their first presentation. Some have seen more than 45x ROI on investment. (see reviews and testimonials above). If you value your time and want to scale your business faster, then this could be a very good use of your resource.

Will it be recorded?

Absolutely. You’ll have lifetime access to the recording of the one-to-one session that you can view and review as much as you like. This recording is for your personal use only and is not for public consumption or distribution.

Is there a money back guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee on the consultation. This is for people who can see that Colin knows his stuff, trusts his reputation and are ready to back themselves on the next level.


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