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How to Sell Expensive Stuff on a Webinar

This week I wanted to share something a little different with you.

Have you ever wondered how to offer your coaching services at the end of your webinar?

Especially if your services are expensive!

Knowing how to make your offer correctly can be the difference between a flood of new clients or absolute crickets…

… On a recent coaching call, I had a student ask, “How do I effectively offer my services at the end of a webinar? Do I share the price? Do I offer a one-to-one sale call? What’s the best way!”

I know that you’ve probably had a similar problem (or will end up having that problem in the future).

So this week, I’m pulling back the curtain and giving you behind the scenes access to a coaching call!

—>>>Tune in to the episode “How to Sell Your Coaching Services on a Webinar” here 

We practically break this problem down LIVE!

If you run webinars or if you have a service that sells for $1,000 or more I think you’re gonna find this really really useful!

Enjoy a sneak peek into the Sell From Stage Academy® Coaching calls! FOR FREE!

—>>>Tune in to the episode “How to Sell Your Coaching Services on a Webinar” here 

Colin “Better Together” Boyd

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