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Did I just make Amy Porterfield cry?

You know it’s a good interview when you laugh and also cry!

If you want to hear Amy Porterfield (like never before) talk about her biggest failures, lessons, predictions for the industry, and the one question that made her cry…

… then this week’s episode on the Expert Edge Podcast is a must-listen.

>>> Listen to the moment my question made Amy get teary

The truth is, behind every huge success story is a whole bunch of mistakes that the person learned from. 

So if there’s one thing I want you to take away from this season we’re in the midst of it’s this: you’ve got this and there’s still more of the story to come.

I think you’ll be really inspired to hear that LEADING EXPERTS like Amy have had lots of highs and lows in their journeys too. 

In fact, one of the things that I respect and admire most about Amy is her ability to make courageous decisions despite the fear she’s feeling. 

We talk all about the key decisions that were tipping points to seeing accelerated growth.

—>>>Tune in to the episode “Own Your Journey w/ Amy Porterfield” here 

We laugh, we cry, there are truly all of the emotions in this episode… 

That’s because Amy is one of the most HUMAN people I know. 

And she’s made it through the tough seasons to the other side.

So whether you’re feeling ready to tackle a new season, or you’re still feeling a bit exhausted I want to encourage you with this episode.

This year is your chance to hone in on your gifting, own your story and really master your craft for selling BIG in 2021. 

—>>>Tune in to the episode “Own Your Journey w/ Amy Porterfield” here 

Colin “You’ve Got This” Boyd

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