How to find & tell your signature story in a way that connects and converts


The Six Levels of Persuasive Communication

Can I share with you the exact journey for becoming masterful on virtual and live stages? I’m bringing...

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How to be happy when you fail

5 years ago when I met this week’s guest on the Expert Edge podcast, I was...

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[Podcast] The Secret to Attracting Abundance…even in hard times

How do you stretch yourself?  How do you go beyond what you think is possible for...

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[Podcast] How to create your future

When I first started my business I was working as a life coach.  I was about...

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[Podcast] What does it take to do a multi six-figure launch?

$360,000.  That’s how much this week’s Expert Edge guest, Tina Tower, made in her recent launch. ...

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How to get your HIGHEST webinar conversion rate EVER

You are ONE presentation away from changing your business forever.  That’s literally all it takes.  My...

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How to tell your signature story

I used to be a pizza delivery driver. Let me clarify that, I was a terrible pizza delivery driver. ...

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Why can’t you tell your signature story confidently?

My experience has found that the right signature story can literally be the difference between a...

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Secrets to Making $60 Million in your Expert Business

Do you ever wonder what it takes to build a scalable Expert Business?  With so many...

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I was naked on Instagram!!

I know, crazy right? I literally posted myself naked on Instagram and I found out about...

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