5 Strategies That Scaled Me To 7-Figures

Have you ever said some version of this to yourself? “If only I knew that from the beginning…” Or “I wish I knew that years ago…” You know that feeling, that if you only had some little tidbit of information from the get go… Your result(s) would have either been so much faster or so […]

3 Big Ideas To Make Your Stories More Engaging

Have you ever listened to a speaker that absolutely captivated you? Like the type of speaker that has you hanging on every word they say…  And by the end of their presentation, you’re completely sold on the idea or belief they were pitching you… This my friend, is the power of story. The problem is […]

How alcohol and making money as a coach are linked

Today I want to talk about an area that I don’t typically give a lot of attention to, with you – my audience. And that is about getting rid of destructive personal behavior & beliefs… Now by no means am I here to tell you how you should live your life.  I simply want to […]

Create The Expert Business You Want

Here’s the best kind of expert business to run… But before I reveal that let me share with you a little bit about why this topic came up.  You see, in December of last year I was promoting a Mastermind Group that I would be hosting in 2023.  We had quite a few takers that […]

7 Questions To Get The Most Out Of 2023

This one e-mail can change the entire trajectory of the next 12 months.  Before you get into 2023, there are 7 questions that you should ask. These questions will extract the wisdom from last year and help you get the most out of this year. The biggest mistake you can make is get back into […]

Simple strategy to influence someone (without being pushy or weird)

Most people make the mistake of letting their influence be determined by chance.  This means, you sometimes connect well, but many times walk away from a conversation feeling very self conscious. (insert awkward and stuttering moments) On the contrary… If you know some simple influencing strategies you can build rapport with others almost instantly and […]

3 Easy Ways to Create Continuity as a Coach

3 easy ways to create continuity as a coach

I was at a marketing event recently and one of the speakers made a comment that got me thinking… He said, “if you don’t have any continuity in your business then you don’t have a business.” Now, I’m not sure I would go that far. I know plenty of experts who don’t have continuity, but […]

How to Start a Mastermind Group

How to Start a Mastermind Group

The word ‘Mastermind’ has been thrown around a lot in this industry. In my experience, Mastermind groups completely changed my life. But, I’ve also joined programs that called themselves ‘Masterminds’ but really didn’t function as one. I want to share with you 5 mistakes that people make when they either start or consider joining a […]

Your Audience Buys This… Not Your Course.

Your audience buys this… not your course.

Most coaches struggle to sell their courses because they misunderstand what they are actually selling. The truth is that when someone buys your course, they are buying something more subtle. It’s an invisible factor that gets someone to click that ‘enroll now’ button. Simply put, people buy certainty. Not your course. But most people don’t […]

When to use Case Studies instead of Testimonials.

Many coaches make this mistake with their social proof. They think that testimonials are the best way to build credibility for their offers. And sure, it does help a little. For instance, on your sales page having heaps of testimonials always leads to a better conversion rate… …when compared to a sales page that doesn’t […]