Present with Confidence

The Mindset and Skill Set to Confidently Speak in Public

These days, just ‘knowing your stuff’ isn’t enough to make your next big presentation a major success. You need to know how to deliver your presentation in a way that connects with your audience so you can drive your message home. Present with Confidence is a workshop where you will discover the secret presenter’s mindset and skill set that allow top speakers to engage, influence and impress audiences at will.

In this workshop you will discover:

  • The ‘Instant State Change’ technique (go from fear to confidence in 3 seconds)
  • The ‘Format Model’ to triple the impact of your next message
  • The ‘Expanded Awareness’ technique — not using it will completely disconnect you from your audience
  • Your ‘Persuasive Voice’ (and why you must use this at home)
  • Fail-proof visual aids (and why you must use simplicity)
  • The 4 learning modalities and how to use them to win over your audience
  • The 5 ‘Body Archetypes’ — just one of them will give you instant credibility with your audience

Length: 1 Day + 1/2 Day Follow-Up


More Than a Manager

Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders

More Than a ManagerIn this competitive environment, it’s not good enough to just ‘manage’ your team. 

Managers need to be coaching and leading their teams. This workshop will provide key principles for coaching staff towards organisational goals, outcomes and peak performance. It will provide a professional toolkit for managers to get to the heart of a problem and craft empowering solutions quickly with their staff.  Knowing these strategies will result in working relationships that are more effective, purposeful and results-driven. 

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • Crucial coaching skills to lead your team towards rapid results
  • The ‘Coaching Mindset’ — the major difference between coaching and managing your staff
  • The 3 key questions to keeping staff on track, especially when a setback occurs
  • The secrets to effective feedback (practical models for creating transformation)
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes managers make when coaching their staff
  • The GROW model (the clearest structure for coaching staff toward transformation)
  • Many practical tools and techniques for creating behavioral change in staff, quickly

Length: 1-Day and 2-Day Programs


Leadership Resilience

Supporting Leaders to Navigate Change Effectively

Leadership ResilienceManaging change as a leader can be one of the most challenging tasks there is. Most leaders don’t understand the impact that organizational and structural changes have on their team and themselves. This program will identify and build the key skill set and mindset a leader must have to make a change successful. At the end of this program, leaders will leave with a new sense of confidence about understanding themselves and their team members through successful transition.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • How to assess the impact that change has had on you as a leader, and the small changes you can make which have the biggest impact towards improving resilience
  • The 6 most important human drivers and how to manage these during a time of change
  • The ‘Resilience Mindset’: How to manage your thinking for successful change and transition
  • How to lead yourself and your emotions when your external environment is uncertain
  • Why most leaders fail to communicate the right message to staff during change, and how to address this mistake
  • The role of a leader in communicating to their team and how to frame messages in a way that encourages positivity and embraces new ideas
  • Practical tools for coaching staff through changing transition

Length: 2 Days


Dynamic Drive

The Secrets to Leading Yourself Toward High-Performance with Emotional Intelligence

Dynamic DriveYour ability to effectively lead a team is only a reflection of how well you lead yourself. The problem is that most people have never learnt effective tools for leading themselves. Behavioral studies suggest that 80% of reaching a goal is psychology and only 20% is strategy. This workshop equips people to successfully navigate the 80%.

The latest NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques are utilised in this workshop to give participants tools and strategies for instant mental, emotional and, therefore, behavioral change. Participants will leave feeling empowered to create results that once seemed out of reach or even impossible.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • How to manage yourself and therefore your results in a heartbeat
  • Practical tools (that actually work) for leading yourself 
  • Proven techniques to manage your emotions, especially in difficult situations
  • The secrets to breaking procrastination forever
  • The 6 keys to creating fulfillment, on the job

Length: 1 Day


Prolific Productivity

How to Leverage Your Time and Energy to Get More Done

Prolific ProductivityProductivity and planning are two of the most crucial skills any leader can develop. It’s great to be able to talk the talk, but delivering on your promise is a completely different ball game. In this workshop, leaders will understand how to be twice as effective as they currently are on delivering their projects and managing their time.  It utilizes the latest thinking in neuroscience, which ensures the practical strategies work in conjunction with way our minds work.

In this workshop, you’ll discover:

  • The five master steps of execution (a simple system that guarantees results)
  • The four major categories that impact your time and which area to focus on most
  • How to manage the complexities of work, while still creating results
  • The secrets to turning your ‘mess’ into ‘mass execution’ using the priority principles
  • Simple and effective strategies for creating clarity of direction… and escaping overwhelm
  • How to prioritise your workload…. even when it seems impossible

Length: 1 Day

Influence at Work
The Art and Science of Influence in the Workplace

Influence at WorkAll successful professionals have a unique ability to influence and persuade others in their workplace. By using the persuasion skills taught in this workshop, managers will be able to multiply their ability to influence and persuade customers, stakeholders and staff. Projects will be completed, team cohesion will be created, and products will be sold.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • The one word that has 94% compliance result
  • How to use advance rapport building strategies and create instant rapport with anyone
  • How to become instantly persuasive without being pushy
  • The ‘contrast frame’ and why you must use it when talking about your next ideas
  • Secrets to using the ‘pain and pleasure’ principle for motivating others towards what you need
  • The ‘rejection then retreat’ technique
  • How you can use reciprocity as a weapon of influence
  • The ‘hierarchy of ideas’ model, which can guide you in any negotiation toward agreement
  • How to use ‘scarcity’ to your advantage

Length: 1 Full Day


Dynamic Team Leadership

The 5 Reasons Why Teams Fail and What to Do About It

Dynamic TeamsMost managers are put into leadership positions with very little, if any, team leadership training. They do their best to feel around in the dark and identify why they are or are not getting their desired results. Without a clear system of pinpointing where the problems are, a manager may never truly be able to address the crucial issues. This workshop will effectively identify the 5 pivotal reasons why teams fail and what to do about it. You will know exactly where your team is positioned and what needs to be done to effectively to lift its performance — fast.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • The #1 reason why your team isn’t achieving its desired outcomes — and practical strategies for turning it around
  • The foundational principle for team ‘stickiness,’ and why most leaders and teams don’t get it right
  • A clear map on how to navigate the road ahead towards creating a dynamic team
  • A new standard to measure your team members
  • The reason why commitment may be low in your team (it probably isn’t the reason you believe)
  • The ‘team rules’ that will turn your dead-boring meetings into lively and exciting discussions

Length: 1 Day


Workplace Relational Mastery — Using Extended DISC

The Secrets to Knowing Yourself and Others

EDISCIt’s been said that ‘the degree to which you understand yourself, will be the degree to which you will understand others.’ When you can effectively understand others, you can then communicate, influence and impact others on a much deeper level. This workshop will unpack the secrets to understanding yourself and others using the Extended DISC Personality Profiling System. It will unlock the keys to motivating self and others through a systematic approach to discovering human behaviour patterns. It will give participants a new level of self-awareness and practical tools to ensure communication between themselves and others is cohesive, professional and effective.

During the session, you will discover:

  • Your own preferred style of behaviors (it may surprise you)
  • The 4 communication styles that people prefer, and powerful language to use with each
  • The secrets to identifying a personality style at the blink of an eye
  • The 3 mistakes never to make with each personality and how to avoid these mistakes
  • The 2 internal drivers of each style and how to use them to motivate yourself and others
  • The unique strengths of each profile and how to utilise them for peak performance

Length: 1 Day


Sales Excellence Program

The Foundational Skills for Business Success
Sales ExcellenceYour ability to sell a product, service or idea is crucial to your success and the success of the business. Sales skills are some of the most foundational and valuable skills to have. However, many professionals have never learnt how to sell effectively; those who have learnt skills may find that what used to work well, doesn’t anymore. This workshop aims to equip you with the foundational sales skills needed to grow your career and the business.

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn the 6 essential qualities of a sales professional (missing one can mean missing the sale)
  • Discover how to have a ‘Conversion Conversation’ that leads to a win/win outcome
  • Understand the “Sales Funnel” process and how to flood it with leads
  • Get your perspective on what sales actually is — in a space that makes you excited to sell more
  • Implement strategies on how to be seen as a ‘trusted advisor’ in your industry, not ‘a sales guy’

Length: 1 Day


Performance Appraisal Program

How to Have a Feedback Conversation That Changes Behaviours
Feedback EssentialsPerformance appraisals don’t always have a good reputation. Some performance appraisals are too formal, some too casual, others destructive or downright scary. However, if a manager uses some key principles, the recipient will be engaged and their behaviour will change in a positive way. This workshop aims to equip you with the latest tools to make your performance appraisal conversations count.

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Discover how to quickly get to the core of an issue (without coming across judgmental)
  • Learn the most important questions to ask, which will lead to a positive experience for both parties
  • Uncover the #1 mistake managers make when running performance appraisals that break rapport and leave the employee feeling empty
  • Learn simple strategies for addressing performance issues
  • Walk away feeling better equipped, clear-headed and empowered to make your next performance appraisal process truly successful

Length: 4 Hours


The 6 Core Drivers

The 6 Core Drivers of Career Fulfillment and Performance  
6 Core Drivers

Understanding what drives you is crucial to reaching your highest level of professional performance and fulfillment. Many leaders find themselves in a position that leaves them unfulfilled, overwhelmed and unsure of how to change their circumstance.  However, the secrets to enjoying what you do and being good at it, lie in understanding your ‘personal drivers.’ In this workshop, we will discuss a powerful framework that is a blueprint for identifying how you can enjoy your work and perform at the level you truly desire.

In this workshop, you’ll discover:

  • The 2 critical drivers of happiness in the workplace and why most employees get it horribly wrong
  • Simple strategies for improving your personal value in the organisation (making you feel great and stand out)
  • An elegant way to understand why some employees are more engaged than others – and what to do about it
  • The #1 biggest mistake that managers make when trying to improve engagement in their teams – and how to avoid making it
  • How to build strong motivation and performance in yourself without burning out

You’ll walk away feeling inspired, clear-headed and empowered to make simple changes to your current work environment and see a dramatic increase in motivation.

Length: 2 Hours