A 1 DAY workshop where you'll discover how to plan and present an engaging presentation.



These days, just "knowing your content" isn't enough to make your next big presentation a success. You need to know how to deliver your speech in a way that connects with your audience so that you can drive your message home.

Present with confidence is a one day live programme in which you'll discover the four pillars of effective presentation.  You'll walk away feeling confident and equipped to plan and present your next presentation effectively.

PRICE: $597


PREPARE - How To Move From Fear To Confidence
You'll discover:

  • The Instant Confidence Technique™ (how to move from fear to confidence in under three seconds)
  • How to harness your nervous energy and turn it into authentic excitement
  • Why 95% of people use the wrong self talk... And how to prepare your mind best
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PLAN - Smart Speech Design 
You'll discover:

  • The #1 question if you must answer before starting your presentation planning
  • The secret to high level engagement using the Balanced Brain Approach™ (this one strategy is worth attending the webinar for)
  • How to triple the speed of your speech writing without losing the quality of your content
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PACKAGE - How To Make It Look Professional
You'll Discover:

  • How to design your slides to ensure they support your core message (without distracting the audience)
  • The one secret principle that will create a perfect connection between your PowerPoint and everything else.
  • The five big mistakes most people make when building PowerPoint (and how to avoid making them)
  • A useful "Vibe Guide" - which will show you simple rules to follow to ensure your PowerPoint is effective
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PRESENT - How To Engage Your Audience
You'll Discover:

  • How to proactively manage audience objections before they become a problem in your presentation
  • The 3 gestures you must master to create credibility an engagement with your body
  • The Seemless Story Structure™ - this will leave your audience eating out of your hands 
  • You'll walk away feeling confident, clear and excited to lift your productivty and output to new heights
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PRICE: $597
VENUE: Cliftons Training Rooms Sydney
ACCESS: Cliftons is located near Wynyard station
TIME: 9am - 5pm
DATE: Friday, 18th December, 2015