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Focus on Quarters

640_apple-quarteredNinety days is one of my favorite time periods.

In a ninety-day period or a quarter, you can do something significant, but there is also a level of intensity around getting something done. In other words, it’s long enough to make an impact but short enough to have hustle.

Don’t view your year as one whole year; view it as four quarters.

Obviously, this is not a new concept but I want to heighten the importance of focusing on quarters rather than just going through your year as usual. We’re coming up to the end of September and the start of October, which means we’ll have one more quarter for the rest of the year. I’m wondering, how is this quarter going to count for you?

One of the best ways to make your quarter count is to make it about a particular focus. For example, it might be about implementation or customer service or team support or credibility. Whatever you make your quarter about, align your goals as much as you can to the contextual focus of that quarter.

A few quarters ago, my focus for the quarter was on credibility — not credibility in the classroom but online credibility. So I decided to spend some time gathering some testimonials. The result was that within a ninety-day period, I was able to gather about four times the amount of testimonials that I had gathered over the five years of running my business. You can check out my testimonials here.

I’m curious, what is going to be your “big focus” for this last quarter?

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