How to rock your next presentation from the first word

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How To Double Your Delegation Skills

A recent executive coaching client said to me “Colin, I know that I need to delegate...

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Improve Team Culture

[youtube id=”1idvOjEpprw”] Today I want to share with you an idea that every leader must get...

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Create Team Contributors

[youtube id=”E-KMseafLc8″] I think there is a lot of talk about how to be a team...

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How to Reward Your Staff Without Spending a Cent

In today’s video, we’ll be talking about how you can reward your staff without spending a...

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Why Your Staff Aren’t Committed — And What to Do About It

Last week, I spoke with a manager in a large organisation, and he mentioned that he...

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How to Stop ‘Dumb’ Meetings at Work

There are four types of meetings that you’ll be having in your team. The type of...

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Why Your Team Is Underperforming and How to Fix It

So your team isn’t creating rockstar results, hey? Knowing what’s important to your team is the...

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