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3 Key Skills of a Leader

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There are three key skills that you should be focusing on as a leader to be outstanding at what you do. Use this framework to develop your own skill set.

Colin Boyd - 3 Skills of a Leader diagram1. Influence. All great leaders are great influencers. They are able to communicate and persuade. They can present in public effectively. Any skill development around your influence skills will be a huge advancement in your leadership.

2. Execution. In other words productivity, getting stuff done. It’s knowing how to do things faster and more efficiently and how to prioritise correctly. How to work through others to get projects executed on time.

3. Drive. In other words emotional intelligence. It’s being able change emotions. Have you ever had to go into a meeting feeling unsure about yourself or how the meeting will go? Your ability to manage yourself in that moment is crucial.

These three things will enable you to communicate more effectively, get stuff done, and manage yourself more effectively.

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